There are many opportunities for angling in and around Douglas. We even have our own Lake courtesy of Douglas & Angus Estate.

Stablelake was established many years ago, its name taken from the stables that sat at its north side, and has always been free to fish for the locals.

Around 2003 the estate drained and dredged the Lake reforming the two islands and opening it up to around eleven and a half acres. It was stocked at the time with various species of coarse fish including Mirror and Ghost Carp, Roach and Ide, Tench and Bream. There is also a good number of Pike and Perch in the Lake.

The Lake is suitable for all anglers, with two platforms for wheelchair access

These are situated next to the car park. There are also picnic benches and seats around the Lake for all to use.

Stablelake is a catch and release only fishery, please do not kill fish. Be a responsible angler to not leave litter or discarded fishing line or hooks. Please take all your litter away and dispose of thoughtfully, leaving our environment tidy for all to enjoy.

Recent reports from anglers that they are now catching Bream/Roach Hybrids!

The Douglas Water runs through our beautiful valley starting from the hills to the west right through to where it joins the famous River Clyde just east of Sandilands. Until recently the Douglas Water was stocked by The United Clyde Angling Protection Association (U.C.A.P.A). The river still holds a good head of Brown trout and also the Lady of the stream - Grayling, though in recent years these have somewhat reduced in numbers. A permit or written permission from the Landowner or the Riparian holder is required to fish for all species including Pike in this river. U.C.A.P.A. permits cover all the Douglas Water, The Duneaton Water and a large area of the River Clyde. Permits are available from Lanark Tourist Information Centre, Abington Post Office or by arrangement through contacting the group.

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