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Betty and Danny Sneddon
Greetings from the USA. I am using this site to keep memories of my Mother Betty Sneddon and my Dad Danny Sneddon alive in Douglas. Mum traveled to many far off Countries during her lifetime but Douglas was her favorite place. Danny was a wonderful man whom we loved dearly. It feels just like yesterday that you both passed. Life has never been the same since. Love you both, Betty
Posted by Elizabeth Fudger on 02 November 2016
Glespin in the old days
My grand parents lived in Glespin in the old days
My Grand dad was Davy Goodlet who lived in Hillview Crescent Glespin in the 50s and 60s
He worked in Kennox Mine from the 30s
I had lots of relatives living in Glespin
My mother was Audrey Goodlet
Id love to hear any memories from those days
Posted by austin olden on 16 September 2016
Hi Austin my mother Margaret Hastings belonged to the glespin she lived at 45 Ayr road,her brothers were George,and welsh,and sisters were Helen and Moira,my husbands sister carol is married to Ricky goodlet.😀
Posted by on 19 November 2016
Sorry Austin I forgot to add my name to the reply of glespin in good old days (Margaret Hastings)
Posted by Ellen Reid on 19 November 2016
trail camera
I set up my trail camera under the Red Bridge over the Douglas Water to capture images of Otters which had been leaving trails there.
I went to retrieve it yesterday and it was gone
It was maybe kids who were exploring under the bridge or an opportune thief who happened to come across it, even although it was well tucked away
If anyone becomes aware of a camouflaged colour Bushnell trail camera 6''x 4''x 2'' becoming available or any kids suddenly aquiring one please let me know
Kenny Sludden
Posted by kenny sludden on 03 October 2015
Fairley, Burrell and Shankly

I'm doing my family tree at the moment. My Grandad and Grandmother lived in Douglas Thomas and Mary Fairley. My great uncle Jimmy Burrell lived in Douglas too. If anyone remembers them or has any information or photographs they would like to share, that would be great.

Posted by Lisa on 01 July 2015
My Father archie burrell had a brother jimmy who stayed in douglas. Their father (my grandfather) was peter burrell don't know if this is the same Jimmy you refer to. if you require further info don't hesitate to e mail me.
Posted by peter burrell on 01 January 2016
Hi Lisa My Own name is McCormick, I lived in Welldale St. Mary and Tam Fairley lived next door to us, Their sons were Archie the youngest, Derek middle son, and Ian was the oldest. Mary Died along time ago, and the boys were raised by their father.
Posted by Sandra dickson on 18 February 2016
Grave in Windrow Woods
I noticed a comment from Linda Gardner
on the real group facebook page re the grave in Windrow woods and if anyone knew the story of it.
I was born and brought up in Douglas, my
Grandad was Wull Blackwood and he left me a written account of stories of Douglas.
The grave was of a woman who was on her way from Muirkirk to Douglas and fell ill with cholera, because of the infection the people of Douglas did not want her in the village and she died in Windrow woods. My Grandads Grandad was a stonemason and put the stone on the grave, her epitaph was
Here lies a poor wandering dame
And little respect they paid her
Elizabeth Campbell was her name
In a lowly spot they laid her.
In 1881, Carmichael, a poet who lived at
Happendon Station wrote a poem about this happening in 1879.
The women had a child with her but there
is no knowledge of the child after the woman died.
I hope this helps.
Posted by Marion Johnston on 20 February 2015
No Title
Posted on 10 August 2014
New Primary School
Posted on 20 May 2014
Remembrance Parade
Posted on 15 March 2014
Jean Crawford.
Posted on 28 January 2014
New Year
Posted on 05 January 2014
Townhead Garage
Posted on 15 November 2013
Posted on 05 November 2013
Great Website
Posted on 11 October 2013
pipe line workers
Posted on 10 October 2013
Douglas in the 1950s
Posted on 01 September 2013
hello to the folk frae
Posted on 01 April 2013
No Title
Posted on 29 March 2013
Living in Douglas
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old photographs
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Douglas Valley workers
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First pond
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Douglas Water Riverbank
Posted on 17 September 2012
Path to Blue Bridge
Posted on 07 September 2012

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